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    bereits ab CHF 109.-


  • Rote Jeans, Jeans in Bordeaux






    bereits ab CHF 109.-

    Perfekte Passform
    Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten


Jeans nach deinen Massen & Wünschen

Damenjeans nach Mass und Wunsch, Custom Made Jeans für Damen

Perfekte Passform, einfache Bestellweise

Herrenjeans nach Mass und Wunsch, Custom Made Jeans für Herren

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Gestalte deine Jeans, individuell nach deinen Wünschen und Anforderungen.


Designe deine Jeans selber, wähle den Denim, die Passform, Beinform, die Taschen und vieles mehr.



Masse für deine massgeschneiderte Jeans, Vermessen für Herrenjeans und Damenjeans nach Mass


Die Masse kannst du problemlos selber nehmen, ohne Schneider. Entweder deine Körpermasse oder die Masse deiner Lieblingsjeans. Neu kannst du uns deine Lieblingsjeans auch fürs Vermessen zusenden (Aufpreis CHF 20.-).


Bestellung und Lieferung für deine Damen und Herrenjeans nach Mass und Wunsch - Custom Made Jeans für Alle


Sämtliche Masse werden nach Bestelleingang genau überprüft. Erst wenn alle Masse plausibel sind, fertigen wir deine Jeans in Handarbeit an. Die Lieferung erfolgt rund 4 Wochen später per Schweizer Post.


Finest craftsmanship - perfect fit

Treat yourself with a unique item - a pair of jeans that is made just for you: according to your measurements, body shape and tastes. As a result, you finally get jeans that fit perfectly, and look exactly the way you want them to. No more compromises, you determine the denim and the design, we will make the jeans for you. Once made-to-measure jeans, always made-to-measure jeans. You will never look for ready-made jeans again. The measurements you provide can be stored with us, so you can have new, bespoke jeans tailored at any time at the push of some buttons. Just choose the denim and the design, and after 3-5 weeks you will have your brand new, bespoke jeans. With us, you are our focus - we manufacture jeans from A to Z just for you.

Just for you - design your own jeans

In our jeans configurator you have almost unlimited design options and can design your jeans yourself. Choose the denim, the fit, leg shape, the pockets, thread color, belt loops, the waistband, extra seams, pockets, monogram and… and… and… We offer high-quality denim and other hand-picked materials for your jeans. The result will be a pair of jeans that you have always wanted - your own jeans tailored to your wishes and needs. Also the fit will finally be the way it should be, made exactly for you. Why wait? Have your jeans sewn now!


Fair and environmentally friendly production

We love what we do. Unlike the big labels and jeans manufacturers, we produce your jeans with love in our own small tailor’s shop in the heart of Saigon, Vietnam. Members of our team are always on site and able to oversee the finest details. All employees are of legal age and are paid fairly and well. All jeans are made under environmentally friendly conditions. We do not use any chemicals. Learn more…

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